Our Past Productions

At Sora Aerial Arts, we create.

The Aerial Nutcracker


a Sora Aerial Arts Junior Company aerial theatre production

The nutcracker

Night Circus

2017, 2018, 2019, 2022

a Sora Contemporary Circus Production

An immersive art, cirque, & nightlife experience featuring the aerial artists of Sora.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas, and How Cindy Lou Saved It


a Sora Aerial Arts Junior Company aerial theatre production

The story of the Grinch sends such a wonderful message, about loving everyone despite how different they may seem on the outside, and seeing others for who they really are in their heart. We feel that this message is what circus is all about, welcoming and accepting everyone, despite how mismatched they might seem.

This show ran four times to nearly sold out audiences with a cost of 30+ Junior Company and Youth performers.



a Sora Aerial Arts aerial theatre production

"Anastasia," is a tale based on the historical events of the royal Romanov family tragedy during the Russian Revolution in the early 1900s. In our story there is a lone survivor of the tragedy, the Grand Duchess, Anastasia Romanov. After the tragedy, Anastasia suffers from severe amnesia and goes by the alias "Anya", a name she received at the orphanage she grew up in in St. Petersburg, Russia. With no memory of her past and her only clue being the music box her grandmother gave her ten years before, Anya hopes to somehow find her family in Paris.

This show ran six times to sold out audiences, with a cost of 75+ youth, adult, and professional aerial performers.