2018 wonka

Wonka 2018

January 25-28, 2018

a Sora Aerial Arts aerial theatre production

After years of isolation, Mr. Willy Wonka has opened up his marvelous chocolate factory filled with splendid surprises & colorful confections beyond your wildest imagination. Experience the wonder Wonka has created inside the walls of his mysterious chocolate factory as the 5 recipients of the lustrous Wonka Golden Tickets discover the treats and treasures inside this candy circus dream...or is it more of a nightmare? Depends on who you are. Perhaps if you’re a bad egg; a gluttonous goon, a greedy girl, an envious spy, a conceited soul, or a belligerent boy; it might be more of a kaleidoscopic candy terror! With the help of his Oompa Loompas & Factory Executives, Wonka must find the most honest child with the purest imagination to carry on his infamous lineage in the candy-making world. Who will make it through? And who will take one taste too many?

Will it be Veruca Salt, the girl who has everything? Or will it be Augustus Gloop, the boy who eats everything? Perhaps it will be Violet Beauregard, the self-important gum chewing record holder of the world? Or maybe Mike Teavee, the one who wants to grow up to be a real life gangster, will make through? Or could it possibly be Charlie Bucket, the very naive one who comes from the humblest of beginnings?

The factory will chose. The factory will expose their true character. The factory has an imagination of its own.

This show ran four times to sold out audiences, with a cost of 50+ youth, adult, and professional aerial performers.